Not often do you get to see the efforts of the team but I loved how we all came together on this project. There was alot of consideration and time put in the planning process to give indiviuals creative freedom to bring their ideas to the project which is what I love so much about these larger personal projects. The long travel days, the fun and randomness, the music playlists, and new places discovered and random moments uncovered, the drive to finish before sun down - it was alot of fun and a huge learning curve throughout.

From recce to styling, kit choices to music commissioning there’s alot to come together. Eloise and I had many meetings before shooting giving us a true collaboration. The piano piece was specially written to suit the feel of the stunning location bringing everyones input in, for the performance to come to life.

Here’s afew behind the scenes shots to give you an idea of the scale yet simplicity to the project. And of course, a huge thanks to The Jubilee Pool for working so effortlessly with us to make it come together!

Behind the scenes of ‘flow’


f l o w - CREDITS

featuring contemporary ballet dancer - Eloise Hymas

Director - James Cannon

DOP - James Kar

Focus puller - John Gogarty

Digital & Production assistant - Sam Reeves

Colour - Samantha Day at Studio Private

Editor - James Cannon

Producer - James Cannon

Sound design - Rob Taliesin Owen

Score - James LeRouge and Rob Taliesin Owen

Performed by - James LeRouge

Shot on location at Jubliee Pool, Cornwall